Protecting Our Town and its Environment.

Alsager is currently under threat from an uncontrolled surge in planning applications to build on Greenfield sites.  This  contravenes policies defined in our accepted Town Plan and the  Cheshire East Local Plan which has been submitted for inspection. The reasons for this are outlined in the Background section of this site here. ARAG ( The Alsager Residents Action Group, volunteer residents working together ) has been set up to make sure that the residents of Alsager are fully aware of the situation and what they can do about it.

We have a Town Plan, produced by our Town Council and agreed by residents. Developers are using the National Planning Policy Framework(NPPF) and the fact that our Local Authority is unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing,  to override the expressed wishes of the Alsager Community.  Cheshire East is sometimes passing planning proposals against the wishes of our Community.  When Cheshire East correctly rejects some proposals, Developers are then appealing and in some cases winning those appeals against the wishes of the Community.  Even when an appeal is won, Developers then go to judicial review, which overturns the decision.

Click on the Image to see what could happen to Alsager if Developers get their way.  The Town Plan states that in the next 20 years, we will build no more than 1,000 houses in Alsager, all of which should be on our Brownfield sites.  If all of the current proposals win on appeal, this will mean in the region of 3,000 new houses.  That’s a 60% growth in 20 years

Decisions are being made by the Secretary of State which override the expressed wishes of Communities, in our case, primarily  because Cheshire East does not as yet have a finalised Local Plan. One of the main reasons for this delay, is the Government reorganisation which created Cheshire East in the first place.  We want our elected representatives and Central Government to protect our Communities and listen to our wishes, we don’t want imposed and totally inappropriate development.

Doing something about it.

ARAG can not do this by themselves. We will only have a significant impact if all of the residents of Alsager get involved and take action now. This isn’t an issue of just stopping building close to your house, it is a matter of protecting our whole town and its immediate surroundings.

Don’t leave it to others. They may be leaving it to you.

What Can You Do?

  • Sign up with alsageraction and we will send you regular e-mails keeping you informed of progress.
  • Go to ‘Current Greenfield Proposals’ on this website and object in the strongest possible terms to each greenfield proposal. You will find out how to do that and get some ideas from ‘Raising Objections’.
  • Express your feelings in writing to your MP Fiona Bruce, to Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and to our Cheshire East Councillors.
  • Attend planning meetings and make your feelings known.
  • Tell friends and neighbours what is going on in our Community and get them to sign up to the web site.
  • Contact ARAG, make suggestions and contribute effort.

What Can We (ARAG) Do?

  • This website will provide background information and will keep people informed. We will produce regular updates as new information becomes available and work to make sure this site is easy to use.
  • We are also campaigning to get the best use of the MMU site for Alsager and you can read about that here.
  • ARAG will work with local councillors, Cheshire East councillors, Central Government , media and national organisations to campaign and defend the expressed interests of Alsager Residents.
  • Where we can, we will work with and assist other relevant Action groups. This is not just an Alsager issue, it is having a serious and detrimental national impact.